Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Last Thursday was my 3rd cycle day (because my period FINALLY decided to show up after almost 60 days, hello) and I went in for my Clomid appointment. It was easy and fast, just a quick pelvic exam to check that my ovaries felt normal and voila. Clomid prescription.

So how Clomid works- you take it for 5 days, usually days 3-7 of our cycle. It tricks your body into thinking that your estrogen is being lowered so that your ovaries get all excited and revved up and pop out an egg. Hopefully.

The plan right now is that I'll start off with 50mg. I took my last dose last night. I'll go for my 21 day blood work and see if I ovulated. There's no real way to know until then because I didn't temp this cycle. If I ovulated, I'll be on this dose for 3 months and if I don't get pregnant we'll rev it up to 100mg and try that for a few months and if no pregnancy after that I'll be referred to a doctor. Really hoping to avoid that and just get knocked up. If I don't ovulate this cycle we'll go ahead and knock it up to 100mg and hope it works better.

I'd read a bunch about side effects and it's pretty scary what you hear out there. The studies show that most women don't experience harsh side effects and get off pretty easy so it's interesting that so many women talk about how insane it made them feel. I even had some people try to talk me out of taking it because of how it made them feel. I went into this with a really positive outlook though. Thinking we'd try it for a cycle and if it was truly awful I didn't have to go through another cycle but we'd at least take the opportunity. I'll update later on my 5 days of Clomid. I have been doing a few things to help any mood symptoms I might have. Yoga every day, meditation (almost) every day, taking my pill in the evening so I sleep through most of it, taking time for myself and listening to my body, drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated and cool.

We're glad to finally have the chance to try Clomid. Really hoping for some magic to happen. It's hard to not get your hopes up. I know it's not a magic pill and there are no guarantees but we are hopeful.

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