Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wednesday Wanderings - WIPs and Spring

It has been such a lovely week so far. I've been in high spirits, the weather has been amazing (of course it's all cloudy and chilly today but oh well) and I've been so productive around the house.

Spring is here! The weather is finally back to warmth and I feel happy and comfortable again. The flowers are out, the garden is in the works. Ahhh Spring.

Our azalea bushes are about to burst into bloom.

I have a pot of bright, gorgeous pansies that make me smile.

We also have marigolds, snapdragons, and violets. I have plans of many more flowers. I am going to fill this house and this yard with flowers this year.

I spent yesterday morning raking out the garden bed and planting some peas. I'm so excited to see their little green heads poking out the ground soon and watch them climb the fence in the back yard. We're getting cucumber seeds next week and about 10 more tomato plants. It's going to be lovely.

Now for WIPs. Exciting stuff!

On top of making my niece-to-be a blanket I'm also making her a mouse lovey. I've got all the pieces worked up, just have to weave in the ends and sew it all together.

Alice's blanket is nearing the finish line! I've finished the length of it and am onto the border now. I'm planning on a lot of gold in the border with some singe crochet rows of the red and blue. I am all out of the Caron Simply Soft in Bone so I'll have to wait until I can go shopping this week for that but it's exciting to be so nearly done.

Still working on Ollie's blanket. Still about 30 squares behind. I'll catch up eventually!

Today I am working on an order for some white mittens. After that's done I'll put my energy into granny squares for the first born for the rest of this week and get all caught up on that. Hoping for some nice weather this weekend so we can spend plenty of time soaking up this Springy goodness before the hot weather settles in. Not long now till we'll all be melting our faces off.

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