Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blogger Book Club- March

March has come and nearly gone! Crazy.

I've joined a blogger book month club over on http://sarahohm.com/, which I'm very excited about. I've enjoyed peeping around everyone's blog and reading about their book selections. So how it goes is every month there is a theme, you choose a book based on the theme and read it (obviously) and then blog about it! Easy. Fun. Yay!

This month's theme was a biography of someone you've been meaning to learn more about. I struggled for a hot minute about what I wanted to read and then chose-

Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts On Life Unarmed (Glennon Doyle Melton)

I would like to start off by saying that I have been reading Glennon's blog for a few years and I love her. I adore her. She is raw and unbridled and honest and strong and crazy and messy and beautiful and she inspires me and lights a fire under my ass when I read her words. It all started with Don't Carpe Diem. The first thing I ever read from her. And I was hooked. The idea of Kairos and God's time even inspired my blog name.

Carry On, Warrior is everything I ever expected from her. I laughed out loud and I also cried quite a few times. It made me feel so good and it broke my heart. Glennon would probably feel weird about me saying I admire her, but I do and reading this only heightened my adoration and love. I love that she's not perfect and she talks so openly about it.

This book reads almost like a diary, which makes since as she's a blogger and a lot of it is blurbs from that. Memories of her days as an alcoholic, of her eating disorder and recovery, her unexpected pregnancy, life as a mother, her marriage struggles, thoughts on life and love and mess and beauty and pain and struggle and the highs. It's honestly just refreshing sometimes to hear someone talk about how hard everything is. It's all beautiful and great and we love it, but it's hard. Glennon never shies away from that.

I loved this book. I don't know if you can tell. Definitely recommend.

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