Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was a busy one. Enjoyably busy.

Friday night we bundled the kids up (thanks for bailing on us, Spring warmth!) and headed off to the movies to see Home. It was the CUTEST. Definitely recommend. The kids loved it and laughed out loud. Alice said 'that movie had me laughing all day!'. So I mean obviously it was great, right?

Saturday was a lot of driving, lunch with the in-laws and a park play date with the niece and library time and then we met up with my sister to shop at Once Upon A Child and get frozen yogurt. Oliver poured his yogurt all the way to the top so next time he has to hand over that cup and let us pour it for him, heh. We did some beach trip shopping and got bathing suits and sandals.

Sunday was my favorite day. A lazy morning, then some cleaning and then we got our errands out of the way before heading off for a long walk in the swamp. We love the swamp. It was so pretty. We've had a lot of rain so the water levels were pretty high and everything is so green.

While he was picking up rocks and pinecones to throw in a pond, Ollie found a little turtle! He picked it up to throw, thinking it was a rock, and realized in time that it was a living thing. Thankfully! How cute is it! It squished into its shell and watched us with bitty eyes. We put him on the ground so he'd feel happier and the kids waited very impatiently for him to move or do something. He wasn't buying it and stayed hidden. He was SO CUTE.

And that was our weekend. We have a lot of cleaning and readying to do for Easter stuff in just a few days! I'm excited to get baskets together for the kids and play some Easter games and go for a big neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday. And then of course there is family time Eastery goodness that we're hosting on Sunday. Lots to look forward to.

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