Monday, March 2, 2015

Happiness Project- February

February Happiness Project check in! This month was my 'parenting' month and also I'd be including my 'self love' goals as well. It's harder than I thought it would be. For serious.

Week 1

I dropped the ball a bit on this week. Not much to report on. I think that we've done well with having adventures (museum trip! sleep over with the niece! all the library fun!) and I'm working really hard to be extra patient and make time.

Week 2

Less adventures because of sickness but lots of love and patience to make up for it. I'm also working on ideas for how to be a treasure trove of happy memories. I've made special files on our computer to properly organize photos and I'm working through them all. Eventually (hopefully this month) I'll get some printed out and I'll start working on a photo album for each of them of important memories and events.

Week 3

Adventures abound! Also I feel more patient lately. Although Alice Mae screaming and stomping her feet and yelling 'FINE' at me every time she doesn't get her way tests my nerves. I am trying to include them more and teach them more. It's funny because I felt like I was doing a good job already with that sort of thing but when you actually make yourself conscious of it every day, you do even more.

I am also trying to take more pictures. I've slacked off on photo taking the past few months so I am trying very hard to remedy that and take more pictures and record more memories.

Week 4

My big thing this week is that I bought gorgeous memory boxes for the kids. I plan on going through all of our photos and printing out important ones and adding those to their boxes. I also keep important school things and special tickets. Things like that. One day they will have these beautiful boxes to look through and all of these memories will come flooding back to them. Everything will have a story that we can tell over and over. I am going to cry even thinking of it. I know my mom kept a lot of my school projects and drawings and it meant so much to me and was so fun to look back on.

January Goals- Revisited

My January resolutions are now my every month resolutions and other than exercising I am doing pretty well. I feel like I am more comfortable in my skin. I even bought myself some pretty new clothes this month! Just waiting on some nice Spring weather to wear them. Oh, and I am still THE WORST at sleeping. I feel like my sleeping has gotten even worse, which seemed impossible a month ago. But I am being kind to myself, putting self-care high on my list of priorities, I'm eating loads of veggies and trying new recipes full of color and health and I am drinking a lot of water. Good stuff!

I feel like it was a successful month. I am headed in the right direction. For the rest of the year, when it comes to parenting and such, I would like to keep up with their memory boxes and also buy a photo album for each of them and print out photos and keep up to date with that constantly. I'd like to continue doing activities and having adventures and saying YES! and being open and I would like to work really hard on how to navigate each child and how they need me to react and how they best respond to certain action of ours. Parenting is hard work.

March is going to be marriage/family month!

My Resolutions for March

  1. Let it go (let it goooooo can't hold it back anymorrrrrre).
  2. Make time- date time.
  3. One night a week -at least- of tech free time.
  4. Family game night and movie night every week.

I was going to have a whole month dedicated to marriage stuff but honestly, I am blessed to have a rock solid marriage that I don't really feel motivated to change in most ways. I think we are good the way we are and my marriage is not a source of unhappiness for me in any way. Hashtag blessed.

Mostly self-explanatory again, I think. The first one is just my need to hold onto dumb little things that bother me. Just make like Elsa and let that junk go, man. Those little nags and grudges turn into dumb marital fights that ain't nobody got time for. Second- make time with husband. We don't do a lot of date nights out of the house but we should do more at home date nights for sure. Third- we are so techy. I mean, we are glued to games, phones, the tv, the wii, etc and I would like at least 1 night where we do away with the computers and video games, at least. Fourth and last- We already have a movie night nearly every week but I'd like to make it an Event and have special food and such. Even maybe just doing that twice a month so it's not too much pressure. And game night! We play board games pretty often but I would like to have a special night set aside that is just straight up game night. Basically I just want to work on quality family time where we talk more and spend time TOGETHER instead of in front of flashing screens. Lets get going! Adding January AND February to this month so lets see if I can juggle all 3. I have to say, I don't really feel different most of the time but I do notice that I am less anxious and moody so I think this Happiness Project is going somewhere good.

The best thing about March is SPRING. It's right around the corner. I can feel it! I have been in such a wintery funk because SC is usually so warm this time of year already and this cold has me grumpy. Come on Spring. You can do it, I believe in you!

Happy Monday! I hope Spring finds you too.

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