Friday, April 3, 2015

In My Easter Basket....

I really enjoy holidays. Easter is no exception.

My mother is the Queen of Easter. Every year she makes baskets for the kids and they are huge and full of goodies and the kids go nuts. So for the most part I keep my little baskets for them quite meek so that they aren't overloaded with stuff.

This year in our Easter baskets we have the same things in each with one difference- Ollie got a word find book and Alice got a pack of lipbalms. She's not quite at the word finding stage yet but girlfriend loves her some lip product.

They each have-

- a chocolate bunny, as is tradition
- a water color book (My Little Pony for her, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for him)
- bubbles
- a kite!!!!
- peeps
- a little carrot shaped bag of candy
- a tiny grow your own grass pot in the shapes of animals (lion and elephant)

And then of course there are the plastic eggs for our egg hunt that I just filled with chocolates! They will be very surprised by these.

I can't wait to take them to the park to fly their kites. Hopefully on the same day if the weather is nice! We are going to have a day filled with fancy dresses and suits, a giant ham, a pretty cake, egg hunting, chocolate eating and family time.

Until then we are playing a few fun Easter games! Check it out-

Jelly Bean Bingo
Roll A Bunny
Egg Tac Toe
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

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