Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Happenings- A Practice Birthday

We had a little fun with Husband's family over the weekend to celebrate Alice Mae's upcoming 4th birthday. My sister in-law is currently very pregnant and due close to Al's real birthday, so we moved it up a couple of weeks in case she goes into labor. We just told Alice this was her 'practice birthday party' and she was cool with that.

I have 0 pics of cupcakes or food but we just had a little pizza lunch at his sister's house and I made funfetti cupcakes with my favorite whipped mousse frosting (just 2 cups of heavy cream and a packet of any flavor instant pudding, mixed until stiff) with sprinkles on top and we opened gifts. Girlfriend got a nice haul. We gave her a Doc McStuffins outfit and a doctor kit and she also got a Leap Reader (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS), a snow cone maker and my favorite was actually that her uncle got her a tomato plant. We went out right after the festivities and bought a pot for it.

Next up was mini golf. It started off fun and great and then our brother in-law fell on one of those little hills and.. it wasn't so great. He and the sister in-law ended up having to leave for the emergency room and we found out late last night that there are some broken ankle bones. Poor dude. Hopefully he mends quick!

The kids did have fun. We managed to have a 2 year old, nearly 4 year old and 7 year old on the course at the same time and even with a lot of clubs being swung around, no one was injured. Alice did get surprisingly grumpy over thirst and she refused to play after about 10 holes. But the rest of us played and had fun.

It felt a little weird to be celebrating so early, to be honest. Kind of almost a bummer for me because I am so big on birthdays. I probably will not recommend us doing it again. But it was fun and sunny and Alice liked it. It just didn't have that 'birthday magic' feel to it.

Her real birthday is in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to spoiling her some more.

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