Monday, April 27, 2015

Alice's 4th

We were lucky enough to celebrate our daughter's 4th birthday this weekend. First with a little get together with my family and best friend and then yesterday, the actual day, with some fun at home.

We had a fun day outdoors planned on Saturday. Cupcakes in the park, a fair and then strawberry picking. Unfortunately the weather didn't get the memo and it was storming all day. My sister graciously allowed us to have the birthday shenanigans in her house. I was so thrilled to get there and find that she and my mom had decorated the whole house. How sweet of them! I didn't expect it at all and it was just the nicest. We ate burgers and had cupcakes and opened gifts before heading out to bowl. It was a really lovely day. We're blessed with wonderful folks.

Yesterday was the actual big day and we started off with the traditional tower of donuts and opening our gifts, the most important being a Super girl outfit that she LOVES. She hasn't taken it off since. Her daddy is very happy with this.

After that we surprised the kids with a trip to Chuck E Cheese and although a lot of the games were broken I think they enjoyed themselves. Then it was frozen yogurt and we picked up some pizza and went home to watch a movie and eat dinner and have brownies. We ended her day by reading and snuggling.

She's such a cool kid. It feels like she has been here forever and it's totally nuts to think that just 4 years ago she was only about 9 hours old. I'm so grateful for our wild hearted, fierce, bright little book worm.

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