Thursday, April 9, 2015

Living With Infertility - The Gist

Yesterday's appointment went so well that I actually cried after. Big fat tears of happy.

First of all, my new nurse practitioner is amazing. She's kind, so southern and short, positive and really took her time and she wore bright pink lipstick which was awesome.

We have a plan! I am on a few medications right now, most notably metformin, to get my cycle slightly more under control (or that's the hope) and then once my next cycle starts I'll go in on the 21st day for some blood work and that will decide what other medications I need. Most likely I will need something to help me ovulate.

It feels so good to be out of limbo and armed with a plan. I love that someone is listening to me now and they are positive they can make this happen for us. We are headed down a new path with new doctors and nurses and we are certain this is where we're meant to be.

I am full of hope. It's a beautiful day.

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