Thursday, April 16, 2015

Living with Infertilty - 1 Week

It has been a whole week of medication taking and I am pleased to say that it's going great! I was placed on medication to stop my bleeding (my insanely loooooong period of almost 4 weeks) and it worked like a freaking charm. I also started taking metformin again. Metformin is commonly used for women with PCOS or irregular periods. The hope is that it will get my cycle regulating and get me ovulating and then I'll be preggers.

Metformin often comes with some uncomfortable tummy side effects. Nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea. Ew. The last time (over a year ago) I was on Metformin, the first couple of weeks were ROUGH. I was holding my breath for this time, expecting to be sick out of my mind. And.... nothing! No sickness. I am making sure to take it at dinner and breakfast so I have a full belly and it seems to be doing the trick! I'm really grateful. I took it for 4 nights with no problem so I started taking my morning dose on top of that evening dose on Sunday and I'm still feelin' good.

I am trying to give my body an extra boost by eating lots of fresh veg and hydrating myself. I still have to wait for my next period to start and then on the 21st day I'll get all of the needle pricks and hopefully get some more answers. It's pretty exciting. We're out of infertility limbo and into the waiting room!

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