Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Bee Blanket

My best friend is having a baby! I wanted to make her a baby blanket for the little dude. It took me months to think of what I wanted to make and only after she figured out that she'd be doing a bee themed nursery did I finally decide.

I was browsing Pinterest and Ravelry for some bee themed ideas and found a couple of cute bee hive looking blankets that looked adorable and I decided to roll with that.

First- all the hexagons.

Then I remembered I wanted to edge the hexagons in white, so that had to happen. And then I single crocheted those boogers together! This is the back view to show how many ends there were to weave in. Sob.

Next up- cute as can be little bees.

And ta-da!


Made with love for baby Edwin.

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