Friday, May 1, 2015


This week has actually gone by pretty quickly but I can't say I'm mad that it's Friday. I am really looking forward to having husband home and being able to put my feet up.

A few things from this week-

1. I have been OBSESSED with Work Song by Hozier. I am obsessed with his music in general (the lyrics! the swoon worthy vocals! those instruments! the guitar! mmmm) but this song is top of the list lately. On repeat.

2. Second fertility appointment booked. My first Metformin cycle has started (and it's AWFUL) so May 13th I'll go in to get stabbed with needles and they will check all of my hormone levels and see if I ovulated with this period and they will also check my thyroid levels to see if I need to be put on medication for that again. I have my fingers crossed that SOMETHING comes back and we can get meds and get started on making this baby we want so much. I am expecting some hormonal imbalances for sure, just judging by the awful periods I've been having. TMI? My uterus doesn't care.

3. Dieting. Monday I started a Low Amylose diet which is supposed to be super for women with PCOS. It is really really really hard to lose weight and really really really easy to gain it with my hypothyroidism and my PCOS but being on metformin has helped and just since Monday with this diet I have lost 5 pounds already! Five point four to be exact. It's nice to see results for the first time in forever.

4. This girl.
I can't believe she has been 4 almost a whole week. She's so much fun.
5. TV shows are trying to kill me. Or send me into a spiral of depression. Or something. No spoilers, but between Grey's thing and then what's going on with Booth on Bones and the twist on Once Upon a Time, I just am not in a stable enough place for this!

I have the laziest of lazy weekends planned. A lot of just sitting. There might be a trip to the movies to see Avengers Age of Ultron but I haven't decided yet. That guy I married and the first born might go and us girls might stay home and eat brownies because Mommy's uterus has been invaded by velociraptors. We'll see! At any rate, I am really excited to sit around. Happy weekend!
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