Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

I have had a hell of a week with migraines taking over my life but today I feel fairly good. Thank goodness.

The weekend was a total blast though. Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with our mom's and Sunday was a comfy, lazy homebody day.

Saturday morning we went to a festival at a small town airport with my mother in-law. It was so cool! The whole airport was filled with small planes, classic cars, ambulances, fire trucks and helicopters. You could look into the them all and touch them and ahhhh, so neat! It also happened to be a totally gorgeous day. Look at that sky.

Most of why I wanted to go to this thing was because there were sky diving demonstrations!

It was so cool!

That evening we had a potluck dinner with my family at my sister's house. So lovely. They grilled steak and we had twice baked potatoes, rolls, salad, and green beans with plenty of desserts to choose from. I had the biggest, best slice of chocolate cake. We sat around the fire pit until it was nearly dark and we had to get started back on our way home. I enjoyed myself a lot.

Sunday was so lazy and wonderful. The kids ambushed me with 'Happy Mother's Day!!!' and bear hugs first thing. Husband made a yummy brunch (that fit in with my low amylose diet!) and cleaned up and let me sleep until NINE FORTY FIVE. I mean. What a guy. My favorite thing was definitely what he and the kids made me. Husband got together with the kids and asked them what their favorite things about me were and then printed out their answers in a little book and had Ollie illustrate it and Alice color it in. It made me cry. It was the best gift ever. He always does the nicest homemade things for me. I love having things like this to look back on years from now.

I should also mention my Mother's Day dinner-

Husband actually bought a small grill just so he could make me grilled food, because I was craving it. He is the best. He also made me dark chocolate covered strawberries. I can't imagine it gets better than this dude I married.

I'm a lucky girl. It was such a nice weekend. I still feel full of love and appreciation.

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