Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Sunny Sunday

After weeks of rain and cold and blah it was gorgeous sunny this weekend. It would be criminal not to enjoy a park day. So to the duck pond we went. It's Ollie and Al's favorite park. A long walk, a playground with lots of slides, plenty of ducks and turtles to spot.
I finally got some fairly good photos of the kids on Sunday. Ollie's hair is amazing and he looks like an anime dude and Alice in pigtails is the cutest. 

Bridge love. Sibling love. Brother and sister. Sunshine. This was a nice day.

My gorgeous little love monsters. They fill me up. 

South Carolina is sunny and there are tiny buds on the trees and it's warm. Feels like the beginning of Spring. That tease.

I'm staying busy with crochet and dreaming of the sunny summer ahead and all the fun things to look forward to. Hopefully the sun sticks around for a while.

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