Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIPs Wednesday

It's a chilly, gray, blah kind of Wednesday. So much rain and cold this week! We are hoping for snow one day. If it's going to be cold it could at least be pretty and snowy, right?!

I've been keeping busy and keeping warm with my crocheting, as usual. What else would this yarn obsessed girl be up to?

WIPs Wednesday is a collection of all the things I'm working on at the moment. Which are-

Another baby blanket! My friend is expecting a baby in March and is a Jets fan so I'm working on this gorgeous green and white ripple blanket. I'm using the neat ripple pattern from Attic24. I started it off with a chain of 102 and I'm going to keep going until it's about 36 inches long. The colors are Deep Forest and White from Loops and Threads.

Progress on the first born's blanket! I have a bag full of squares which is very exciting and slightly overwhelming when I think about piecing it together. My little chart at the bottom here is to keep me on track to finish this blanket by his birthday in November and I am super ahead of schedule with just over 40 squares! That puts me about 3 weeks ahead. I love the way it is coming together but I have learned in the past year that I really don't like making a ton of squares and sewing them together. This might be my only granny square blanket ever. I'm very excited for the end result though and look forward to giving it to our BFG.

This is Ollie's Valentine's gift in the making. One day, possibly today, all of these pieces will come together to make an Olaf.

I am making a half dozen or so finger puppets to send in to Project 26 of Craft Hope. If you haven't checked them out before then do it! They are amaaaaaaazing. This will be a little bird after I glue the wings on and I'm thinking of making maybe 2 more birds and then 3 fun little monster ones with squiggly arms and antennae, just for fun.

That's what I'm up to! I like to juggle a bunch at once, don't I? It's how I roll. All of these will be done very soon and then the struggle is to find a new project that will keep my fingers entertained!

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