Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Goodies- Gators!

Oh Monday. Mondays always make me a little blue. The weekend should really be 3 days. Two just isn't enough. But if it were 3 days I'm sure I'd be saying it should be 4 and so on. There's just never enough down time and time home with my boys!

It seems like our weekends have been busier than usual lately. This weekend was no exception. On Saturday we went to a kids jamboree in a town near us. I wish I'd gotten a photo of the place. It was indoors in an arena and there were fair rides and bouncy houses and slides and SO MANY PEOPLE. It was nuts. The lines for rides stretched all the way across the arena. We decided to only wait in line once and each kid picked a thing they wanted to do. They were really amazing and patient though! Not one meltdown.

The main reason we were there was because of the Gator Boys! Ollie is a big fan of the show. Alice has seen it before but she isn't quite so alligator obsessed. And after this weekend I doubt she will ever be. More on that in a minute.

So it started out well enough. They were doing a show. Showing off some turtles and gators and giving some info out on them. We learned about some turtles native to SC, we saw an alligator snapping turtle (which I think is the scariest thing ever to me, imagine accidentally putting a toe down on one of those in the lake) and then they brought out the big gator and we got to learn about it and watch some scary tricks. I kept thinking 'this is the one time they have a horrible accident', haha. We actually saw the show twice because the first time we went up to the bleachers and could not see a damn thing. So we waited an hour and a half for the next one and stood around the enclosure which was MUCH better for viewing. Plus you got to be right up on the action!

Hello Mr. Snapping Turtle!

Why yes, he did just put his hand in a gator's mouth. 
 This was the least scary one.

THIS THING RIGHT HERE. The first time he tried to get into position the gator actually snapped his jaws closed and it was terrifying. They just laughed it off! The life of a gator wrestler.

After the show a dude named Ian brought a little gator around for everyone to make friends with and it was really exciting! I've never touched a gator before, for obvious reasons. The kids were really excited about it. Ollie got a gator hat! He made me print this picture out so he could show his friends at school.

As for Miss Mae. I wanted her to have a photo just like big bro but then... well, the gator got a little too frisky. He shook and smacked her right in the side of the head. It wasn't even a very hard smack, didn't even leave a mark, it just scared her. There were many tears. I kind of love the picture where the gator shook and the look of total distrust that was already on Al's face. Then I explained to her that she's an alligator wrestler now and that means she's super cool and strong and she showed off her muscles. But THAT made Ollie jealous and sad because why can't he be a gator wrestler. Sometimes you just can't win.

After that we went for dinner and bought books and had heart shaped cookies. It was a really nice Saturday.

Yesterday was just going to my parent's and picking up laundry that my Mama graciously washed for us. Not having a washing machine sucks. I also did a ton of cleaning because when I have the boys home to do my bidding I take advantage!

Monday is here again. I think this will be a productive week! I have a lot of crocheting to do and some Etsy listings to add and some cleaning to do around the house. Hoping for lots of sun this week and maybe some warmth! It'll be a good one.

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