Monday, January 12, 2015

January Makes - So Far

January feels like a whirlwind of yarn makes! I've started and completed several things already and it feels good to be so productive. I give you- this month's makes (so far). Picture heavy post coming up!

The first thing I made was an elephant hat for my dear pregnant friend who has collected elephants for years and plans to have an elephant themed nursery. I used a Repeat Crafter Me earflap hat pattern in size 3-6 months and found a simple little elephant hat pattern online. Eyes are just 10 single crochets in a circle with a little white dash to give it some life.

Birdhouse for Miss Mae's room! My favorite thing I've made in a long time. I found a picture of a crochet birdhouse wall hanging but couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I just winged it! I plan on making another one soon and I will hopefully do a pattern and post it then. I used a small flower pattern from Attic24 and her sun pattern from Bower Bird as well. I just love it and so does Al. She was so excited! I hope it's something she'll keep forever, something that will follow her from home to home as she grows older and moves away.

A fox lovey and a blanket for another pregnant friend. Keeping my resolution to make a blanket for every pregnant friend and family member. I love this lovey, if Maybe Baby ever happens for us I plan to make it one. I bought the pattern on Craftsy over a year ago and the blanket is a granny stripe pattern from Maybe Matilda. I highly recommend it! It's quick to whip up and gorgeous.

TMNT masks! The first born asked me for an orange one and Alice wanted a red one to go with their TMNT walkie talkies (not pictured here because they were being worn and played with, the best thing that I could ever ask for with anything I make them). Husband saw them and was like 'AHHHHHH CAN I HAVE A PURPLE ONE?!' and so I made him a Donatello inspired mask. I used this pattern to make them and even got to kill yarn for the first time! Which is a pretty neat trick, by the way, and easy too.

Last but not least- A red giraffe for Miss Mae. This is a Valentine's Day gift (I am working on Ollie's gift) and one I think she'll love. She has been asking me for a red giraffe for a long time. Red is her favorite color and giraffes are her favorite animal. I'm very excited to give it to her in a month! He turned out gorgeous. This pattern was easy and fast and adorable.

I'm working on a few more things. Maybe there will be a WIPs Wednesday this week. I'm having a fun time. Isn't that what's the most important? Having fun with what you're doing? Enjoying it and loving it. How lucky am I.

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