Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh, Hey Friday!- Crochet Lust

Friday Friday Friday!

My 5 this week are all about crochet projects and patterns that I'm lusting after. No one asked me to write about these things, I just really dig 'em.

1. LOVEYS- Oh my GOD, loveys. I am lovey obsessed, y'all. I don't even care. This Etsy shop has amazing patterns. There was an elephant that I was definitely planning on making for my pregnant, elephant collecting BFF but it has sold. Hopefully it gets reposted soon! This mouse lovey is on my to-do list for my pregnant sis in-law. This shop is another favorite. I've bought a few patterns including this gnome lovey that I can't wait to make one day.

2. BAGS- A patchwork bag seems amazing. All the colors and shapes and ugh. Need. I love this owl bag and a bunch of other owl bags that I've seen and I feel a desperate need to make them.

3. BLANKETS- I found this just yesterday and oh man, how pretty is this tree of life blanket? SO pretty, right? I also am definitely going to hook up a giant granny square blanket (the type that is just a huge granny square, round after round) in the near future and a white granny stripe blanket with neon stripes.

4. HOUSEHOLD- This gnome doorstop is happening, y'all. Can you tell I have a gnome obsession? (You have no idea, I have a quickly growing collection including some hand painted ones that I made). Rugs are a new crochet obsession. There are so many I want to make. And who can't love crochet pillows, especially when they are penguin shaped?!

5. KIDS- This list could be never ending. Pillows, bags, BABY GROOT, fluffy unicorns (it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!). I'll leave you with that few.

Basically, I need more time to crochet. Unfortunately this weekend won't be giving me that time. Busy bees we are! But in the best possible ways.

Have a beautiful weekend! Blessed be, cupcakes.


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