Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP's Wednesday

Not a lot of works in progress this week. I've had a hard time working up a ton of motivation. Tired and a toddler with a cold and general grumpiness.

I am working on the kiddo blankets though. I started on Al's and did the math for how big I want it to be and when I need it finished (the middle of April) and it worked out to doing about 9 rows a week to stay on track which is less than I anticipated! So I'm doing 9 rows a week and 10 granny squares a week and it's so easy it almost feels impossible. My extreme over preparation for things pays off!

Alice's blanket is still very small and doesn't look much like a blanket yet but it's gorgeousssssss isn't it? The colors! Yum. I had my mind made up that it should be an aqua-ish blue and her favorite color, red, and white but when I put it all together it looked too American flaggy. So I scrapped the white and picked up this lovely goldish color. The colors are all Caron Simply Soft in Mint Blue, Red and Bone and I'm working it up in a larksfoot stitch, which I am deeply in love with. I'm using an H hook (for my own future reference).

I kind of wish I'd made the bone parts a bit wider to add some more neutral in between the bright colors, but I didn't realize I liked that idea until I was well into the blanket and there was just no going back at that point.

I'm still going on with Ollie's blanket, which I call the Weasley blanket. I've pieced together a couple of new rows but no new stuff to report, really. It will be lovely when it's done. Multiple colors, multiple types of yarn and a G hook.

Making blankets is my joy. My happy place. I have a rule that I can only think lovely thoughts when I'm hooking up a blanket. I want my kids to literally be covered in my love when these are done. Every stitch is a happy thought just for them. It is very therapeutic and often gets me out of my grumps because I want to work on them and put the time in and in order to do that I have to have a heart filled with love.

Hopefully there will be more progress soon! Obvious progress! I can't wait for them to be done. I can just imagine how gorgeous they'll be.

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