Friday, January 23, 2015

Oh, Hey Friday!- Kid's Books

Friday! Lets get this party started. I'm looking forward to some fun this weekend. It has been such a long, sleepy week for me. Time to wake up and get some stuff done and cut loose.

My 5 this Friday is all about kiddo books. Specifically the first born's favorite chapter books so far. We started reading chapter books about a year ago and we've zoomed through a bunch and have almost completed 2 this month already! Our goal for the year is one a month but we might up it to 2 if we keep going through them so fast.

Ollie likes some fantasticalness so most of his favorites are fantasy based but he does have 1 non-fantasy favorite- Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

1. Shiloh is a sweet book about loyalty and kindness. Ollie loves dogs so this book easily plucked at his heartstrings. He got it for Christmas and liked it so much that the day after we finished it we headed to 2nd And Charles and picked up the 2nd and 3rd books. We're reading Shiloh Season now and he seems to be enjoying it just as much as the first one. Side note- reading this book brings out my Southern twang. It's such a nice story.

2. It's always cool when your kid loves something you love and seeing as how I was brought up on Animorphs it's awesome that he is interested in them too. I love this sci-fi kid stuff. It's super fun and interesting and brings about cool conversations like 'what would you morph into if you could morph into anything' or 'if you had to morph and be stuck in one shape forever, what would it be?'.


3. Gooooooosebumps! Another childhood favorite of mine. I think these qualify as Ollie's favorites of them all so far. We've read 4 or 5 and he keeps going back to them. We pick up a couple every time we hit up the used book store. They are fun and sometimes spooky and even the little lady likes to get in on it and gasp and hide her eyes sometimes.
4. Harry Potter- in particular Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, which is the only one we've completed so far. We're about a fifth of the way into The Chamber of Secrets. We read the first book and then watched the movie for the first time as a family and after that the kids were hooked. My little Potterheads, making their nerdy Mama proud. Ollie has watched the first 4 movies (I hate to let him continue since it only gets sadder and sadder) and the kids have taken up playing quidditch on brooms outside with a plush soccer ball. Be still my heart. They also have wizarding duels with 'wands' (aka sticks they find on the ground). Something tells me Mama needs to make them some Potter stuff. I'm hoping we'll finish one or 2 more of the books this year. They are fantastic.

5. Last but not least the Magic Tree House series which I think is one of the most popular chapter book series for little kids. Ollie is reading one on his own. Sniff sniff. My baby, all grown up and reading chapter books by himself. He enjoys them. We've read the first one together and I think maybe I'll also start reading them to little sister because they have some illustrations to keep her happy and she is better at sitting still and listening to stories than he was at that age. 

One day I'll have to put together a post about toddler and preschool books because those are awesome too. I am so happy to have little readers on my hands. Read to your kids! And your friend's kids! And your nieces and nephews! Reading is SO important and it helps them grow up big and smart and imaginative and happy.
Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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