Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIPs Wednesday- TARDISness

I don't have much to report this week as far as WIPs go. I'm still working on Ollie's Olaf. I should really try to finish it this week. I started a TARDIS lovey which is just about the cutest dang thing ever.

Currently Ollie's Olaf just looks like some lumps of dough stuck together.

You are getting sleeeeeepy. Very sleeeeepy. Or maybe just kind of diiiiizzy.

The blanket portion of the lovey is currently a WIP. Nearly done!

The TARDIS, which is so cute I can hardly STAND it, is finished. It was a really simple pattern. The hardest part was the 'Police Box' embroidery but even that wasn't too bad. I want to make a few more, one for each kid's room (maybe filled with something heavier to use as a bookend?) and one for our living room or kitchen. I love having little things that we love randomly placed around the house to make us smile. Whimsical.

When I'm done with that spiral blanket portion I'll just plot this squashy TARDIS right in the middle and sew it in place and Tah-dah! A lovey fit for your very own Stormageddon. 
I'm hoping to start Alice's blanket this weekend. I bought the yarn and now I'm just waiting to finish this lovey first. I am also going to finish at least the body parts of Olaf, dagnabbit. I swear I am. And sew the squares for Ollie's blanket together. It's a plan, Stan. 

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