Monday, February 2, 2015

Happiness Project - January

Hello Monday. Boo. I miss the weekend already. Especially since I'm sniffly and sore throaty and exhausted and my left boob hurts for some strange reason. But anywhoozle.

My Happiness Project started this month and I was very excited. I love the idea and I feel like I need something like this in my life. My goals looked like this-

My resolutions for January-
  1. Say 'I love you' to yourself.
  2. Eat a rainbow of a diet. Eat more green stuff.
  3. Keep drinking water.
  4. Move.
  5. Go to sleep earlier.
  6. Take time for myself.

I got off to an amazing start for about 2 weeks. I was working out every day (kickboxing and belly dancing!) and eating really healthy and it was all great and amazing and rainbowlicious. Then I got knocked on my butt by a back spasm and ended up laid up on the couch for a week on a heating pad taking ibuprofen and then it was a UTI. Blahhhh I say. Since then I haven't done much exercising. I feel like I have been better about moving around in general, just not a ton of intentional exercise.

I've definitely tried to be more loving to myself, so that's great. I've eaten a ton of vegetables and made myself a salad container in the fridge to organize my salad toppings so it's a breeze to put them together. I've tried to make conscious food choices and eat veggies with every meal and snack on veggies and fruit. Good job, me! I'm still pounding down that water as usual. I've been really intentional with my time and I've made time for myself, more time for kids and family time and also time for friends and family. I feel very successful.

I did fail completely at going to sleep early. I just can't seem to make it to bed before 11. Usually closer to midnight. But I've been taking some gorgeous naps when Alice naps, which I feel is definitely taking time for myself. Yes, we'll go with that. So really, I'm still getting more sleep! Give yourself a pat on the back, self! Great job, April. Thanks, April!

Do I feel happier? I think that's the question here... One month isn't really long enough to tell, is it? But I think mostly I feel better or at least on my way to healthier mindsets. I've been trying to worry less and be less negative. I don't always succeed but I do try, and no matter what Yoda says that has to count for something.

So, hey there February. You showed up faster than I thought you would! What will this month bring me.

February- Parenting

I think I need to focus on my parenting. I want to be better at some things. More fun, more patient, less testy, less tired and fast paced.

My Resolutions for February

  1. Be a treasure trove of happy memories.
  2. Practice patience. Less fussing.
  3. Go on adventures.
  4. Say yes more than I say no, but remember that no is good for them.
  5. Make time.

I feel like mostly it's self-explanatory. I want to not only remember to take pictures often but I also want to start working on photo books for them. I'd like to buy some pretty file boxes to keep their memories in and make them each a photo book. Also catch up on their baby books. Whoops.

I'll practice being more patient and understanding. I'll say yes more and make plans for us on the weekends. I'll make time for more games and family movie nights and park trips.

This month is exciting to me. I'll also be carrying on with my January resolutions. So lets see how I do with 2 months of resolutions to keep up with! I'm ready to do this. Hoo-ah.

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