Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going Ons and Blanket Tada

Randomness and happenings and a blanket!

I'm gleefully working at organizing our kitchen with the help of my 2 favorite new things- this wire rack and our new fridge. I can't get over how much I love this fridge. <3 Our old one was OLD. And small. This one is so big that I'm just constantly shocked at how easy it is to organize and keep clean. It has been over a week and it's still clean! Which is a miracle, honestly.

Can you hear the angels singing? Listen closely... Ahhhhhh.

A bag of baby gifts for my friend's shower coming up this weekend.

 A lovely friend of my mom's brought me some salt water taffy back from the beach and I was so happy I teared up. I love salt water taffy. Random fact- when I was pregnant with Ollie I craved salt water taffy SO HARD. But a specific kind from a place in Maryland, haha. Poor husband wasn't able to fulfill that one.

A sweet owl hat for a darling little boy born to my friend.

 And the TADA! This blanket is for the taffy friend. She has a grandbaby due soon. She bought the green and yellow yarn and told me to choose any pattern I liked so this is what I came up with.

Bernat Baby in Mint and Lemon
Red Heart in White
I hook

I'm pleased as punch with it.

I'll be playing catch up on my blankets for the rest of the week. Trying to get caught up and possibly a bit ahead!

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