Thursday, February 5, 2015

Museum Adventures

We started February with a trip to our state museum. It was 1 dollar Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, so we took the cheap opportunity to have some adventuring with the kids.

The first thing they saw and had to have a picture of. 

 She's out of this world!
The science floor of the museum was by far the most fun for my little nerds. There are so many activities and cool things and experiments.

Husband was so excited for these telescopes. The museum has a new observatory and a giant telescope that you can climb to view the sun. Alice was so brave to climb up.

We had other adventures that day. Chinese food eating, lots of walking around and drinking coffee/chocolate milk and a visit to our favorite library where we bought a library card and played checkers and did puzzles for an hour. Oh, and rode up and down escalators which is a BIG hit for little kids.
It was a good way to welcome in the new month! I think there are a few more adventures to be had, especially if the weather warms up.

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