Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January Makes

Good Tuesday, friends. I am recovering from some sort of awful sickness so I'm not quite 100% yet and I thought this week could be lazy blogging.

Before getting sick Sunday night I did manage to start knocking some stuff off of my to-do list! We painted the first born's entire room! No more bright blue! I'll have pictures of it one day, when it is clean and organized. We also got an excellent start on Miss Mae's big girl room. Her new dresser and bed are put together and we got some bins to start organizing things in there. Not too shabby for a day and a half.

In an effort to keep up with all of my crochet madness this year I thought I'd do a monthly collage of things so that's what today is. A round up of January makes.

I didn't include the blanket madness I have going on over here for my two littles or the (still unfinished) Olaf for Ollie. I swear he'll be done by Saturday! Pinky swear.
I think my favorite things for the month were definitely the top 3. That elephant hat for my BFF's baby, Alice Mae's birdhouse wall decoration and her red Valentine giraffe. All so yummy and scrumptious and cute.
I have a few new WIPs going so that's exciting! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. Right now I'm going to stuff my empty belly with cinnamon rolls. It was a rough weekend, y'all. Like, almost had to go (aka- probably should have gone) to the ER rough. I'm just glad to be feeling better.

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