Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Reads

My personal reading goal for 2015 is to read 50 books. I'm trying to decide if reading chapter books to Ollie counts in my number or not. So far this year we have read 2 chapter books, the first 2 Shiloh books, which are a little over 100 pages each. I feel like some chapter books would definitely count. Like Narnia books or Harry Potter or BFG. Hm. Still thinking on it, I guess.

My own books for January were-

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. This is my first Kate Morton book and I was in love through the whole thing. I highly recommend it. One of my fun side reading goals for the year is to read all of the works of one author so I think she's the one I'm going to choose. It's too good! Get it. Read it. The characters are full and rich and the story is beautiful.

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. I don't know if this counts since it is also full of pictures but I'm putting it here anyway! HONY is a global phenomena. Seriously, anyone who hasn't followed the blog needs to. It's amazing. The book is just as amazing. I love having it for keeps.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I've already talked a lot about my Happiness Project and the book that inspired it. If you need some life inspiration, this is a good book to add to your list.


Yes Please by Amy Poehler. My favorite book in a very long time. I will reread this one for many years, I'm sure. The sob story of this is that I accidentally left this book out on my car and then it stormed unexpectedly al little while later. Wahhh. I had to wait days for the pages to dry so that I could keep reading it and it was like torture. I actually cried. Le sigh. It's a hot mess now but I still treasure it. My favorite Christmas gift.  

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. A reread for me! I read His Dark Materials when I was 13ish and I just remember adoring the last 2 books so much. The first book was hard for me to get through back then and this time around too but I was determined. I did really love the last half of the book more than I remember. I think it just gets better as you go. I'm looking forward to picking up the next book in a week or 2, probably. There's a little apprehension because I loved it SO MUCH as a kid that I worry it won't have the same magic now that I'm a jaded, cynical old fart.

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. The sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club, which I read a few years ago and loved. I enjoyed getting back into the group and meeting everyone a few years later. It was bittersweet. Not as good as the first, but I still liked it.

 As for me and the kiddo, we read the first 2 Shiloh books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

Ollie loves them, he's so sad that we are on the final book Saving Shiloh. I really enjoy them too. They are long enough that we feel accomplished and short enough that we can read a couple of chapters a night. I think maybe after we finish this last one we'll rent the movies and have some family movie nights.
January was very successful for reading! I'm glad that I'm making more time for myself to read and making it a priority. It's refreshing. We even bought a library membership to our favorite library that is not in our county so our reading options are endless. Now onto Harry Potter! I feel like February is going to be a rereading old favorites kind of month.

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