Friday, February 20, 2015

Oh, Hey Friday!

I am hoping for a really productive weekend. With my boys home and no plans and nowhere to go I am hoping to get the house in proper order, get some of my organization projects done, maybe even finish stripped our porch of its old, nasty screen! But that's reaching a bit far. Gotta have some goals though.

My random 5 for this Friday-

1. Parks and Rec

I don't feel emotionally stable enough to say goodbye right now. I can't believe it's over! What will my Wednesday nights (thanks Hulu!) be without Leslie Knope and April Ludgate? Sigh. Currently I'm sedating my sadness by looking up everything April related. Such as these motivational posters.

2. A New Favorite for Alice Mae

She got this for Valentine's Day and loves it. Can't get enough. It's sweet because that was big brother's favorite book as a baby.


When will Winter be over??? I know the North is awful and bad and snowed in but it's no picnic here either. We don't even get snow to play in, just cold and ice. Our toilet is frozen! That's how cold it is. And it can't thaw because it just keeps getting colder. *sob* I'm so tired of being cold. I just want Spring. Pretty flowers and leaves on the trees and sunshine and walks to the park and air that doesn't hurt my face.

4. Blankety Decisions

I am struggling to decide on a blanket pattern for my niece-to-be due in May. I need to get working on it soon! But I just can't decide what I love best. I've narrowed it down to this your first breath popcorn stitch pattern and this tree of love pattern.

5.  Sneaky Peak
I've got some fun crochet stuff in the works. Banging it out like woah! I'll share more of what I've been up to next week. Hint- it's all nerdy.

That's it for me this week! I'm looking forward to big brunches and some sleeping in this weekend. Yum to both.

Here's who I am linking up with this week! Have a good one.

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