Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Funsies 2015

And then comes Monday. Am I right? Today is a very strange and special Monday. My mama has the kids until this evening so I am home. ALONE. I'm pulling a Macaulay Culkin face, you just can't see.

Saturday was really nice. I love Valentine's Day. We showered the kids with gifts and chocolates that morning and then we went on a nice date.

The art museum was having their family day. Lots of craft stations and activities for kids, all for free! We enjoyed cupcakes and then we went through each art station and colored bags and made heart necklaces and Valentine's and fingerprint bugs and Ollie's favorite- Valentine's secret messages. White crayon written on card stock that you water color over. He thought that was the coolest.

They are so sweet. My funny Valentine's.

We dropped them off with my mama and went on our own little date. Traffic was CRAZY and a 10 minute drive took more like 30 but once we got to the restaurant the wait was surprisingly short. We feasted on sushi and tempura and thai basil beef (possibly my new favorite thing) and ginger chicken and seaweed salad (always a favorite of mine).
An added bonus was having all of yesterday to be alone together at home. We decide to stay in PJs and not leave the house. Best decision ever. And we had smoked gouda fondue and chocolate fondue for dinner. Equally good decision. It was amaaaaazing.


Our gifts to each other were pretty neat, I think. I made Peter a 'days since' print out. I included things like the number of days since our first date, our first Valentine's day, our wedding, our kid's birthdays. Put it in a pretty frame and bam. Cheap and cool gift.
And husband got me 2 pretty new tank decorations for my fish. Can you tell I'm basically a crazy fish lady? Forget about cats. Fish is where it's at. This big rock thing and pink plant are my new additions. The Fish of Boe seems very keen on it. He's having a blast with new hiding places.
And both my boys pitched in to get me my very favorite thing I've ever had ever ever ever. A GNOME GARDEN.
It is so cute! Squeeeee. I'm trying to sort out how I want to decorate it. I am kind of obsessed with the idea of crocheting plants for it. Maybe some succulent type things? Drape-y flowers? Who knows! I think crochet/fake plants would be best because it would be year round and it could be indoors without the cats chewing it.
It was a really nice weekend. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I got a bit of sanity saving alone time today. I finished up some stuff and I'm currently trying to catch up on some blanket madness. I am a week behind on both blankets! Oh my. Better get crackin'.

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